Medieval Times Clothing for Men and Women

The medieval culture of the people was highly dominating, dynamic yet simple and traditional. People lived in an undemanding manner and they were divided in a pyramid of power which was known as the feudal system. The medieval society was unquestionably different from what we experience today in the late 20th century.

medieval tabards for men

You can still find medieval living today also where people are buying medieval clothing’s and medieval tabards for sale just to follow their trend and add to their medieval wardrobe. Medieval fashion in the middle Ages was highly inspired by Kings and the queens of that era. The clothing would depend on the social class and on which part of the medieval era.

Medieval Clothing for Women

The women’s fashion in the early middle ages was influenced by the style of the Greek and Roman women. The full attire consisted of two tunics, one being longer but less than the second one. They also wore long cloak over their clothing till shoes and they looks simply mesmerizing.women medieval jewelry

During the period of 1200 – 1300, medieval jewelry like gold and silver, pearls and precious stones were lavished on clothing. During the period of 1300 – 1400 Women’s coats and surcotte were famous. Medieval hats consisted of a frame of wirework covered over with stuff. During the period of 1400 – 1500 the women wore long trains to their dresses which were later finally shortened.

Medieval Clothing for Men

 The male garments went through several evolutions similar to the female clothing. Medieval belts and frogs for men were an important detail on the costumes and worn on the top of the garment. Burgundian styles influenced the fashion with short clothes for men and long pointed medieval shoes/ boots. It was considered that longer are the points, the higher is the status. Medieval jerkins/ tunics have been worn throughout all of the medieval ages and were one of the important fashions for men and women to wear during the Roman ages and remained a part of the middle ages too.medieval robes for men

During the middle Ages, medieval robes for men were dumped probably because they started to ride horses in battle.

So the people who were poor and could not afford expensive dresses were only restricted to wear plain shirts and some leather pants. Women would wear long till ankle length dresses with an apron over it. So only wealthy people could dress in fashionable dresses and according to the sumptuary laws passed by King Edward III, only royal people were allowed to people cloth of purple silk and gold. Most of the men from the medieval era didn’t actually wear renaissance pants, but they wore breeches or kilts and they were medieval fashion.

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