8 Must Know Facts on Medieval Times

The medieval period was based on full secrets and facts and so here I will be sharing some most unknown facts related to medieval times.

Medieval Knights 

  • Knights used to do the fighting while riding on large horses. These horses were known as warhorses. These, along with knights were packed in the armor and only wealthy people could afford such horses as they were costly.

medieval helmet

The costume of medieval knights was different, they used to wear chain mail, medieval helmets, and full functional suit of armor but only in battle. Some weapons like medieval swords or daggers were the choice of weaponry.

Medieval Costume

  • The costumes of medieval times were divided according to the class and the century of the people. The medieval fashion was highly inspired by the kings and queens of that time where women, mostly wore long gowns and medieval jerkins for men/ tabloids’ were worn by medieval men with along with footwear.

medieval jerkins for men

  • The wealthy people used to wear clothes made up of silk and cotton but commoners were into simple long clothes with cheap fabrics.

Medieval Home Decor

  • By medieval home decor term, it means how the houses of ancient times were decorated. Everything from the great hall to the kitchen and bedrooms, all were decorated with antique pieces which can be seen in museums or castles.

medieval home decor

  • For the home decor purposes, people used to buy medieval swords, statues and paintings nowadays to reflect exactly which was in the medieval times.

Medieval Culture

  • The culture of medieval times was simple yet traditional where people used to wear very simple clothings with no much demanding. The whole system was divided and arranged in a pyramid structure (known as feudal system).

medieval sword

  • The medieval weapons had always been the friends of knights because it was the only weapon for survival.


With such amazing facts, one can conclude that ancient era is not finished as today most of the things be it a weapon to cooking recipe to any home décor item, everything is inspired from the middle ages.


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