10 Medieval Costumes That Will Blow Your Mind

Medieval costumes are the most simplest costumes to wear and till now in this modern period also they are in use extensively. Today in this modern period, we celebrate the world of ancient times with all that craziness and everything in the form of medieval festivals. Both men and women get dressed up in totally unique attires to reflect their period.

Here, we will discuss some of the most common medieval dresses of men and women, which can be worn in medieval festivals.

Long Medieval Gowns: – Long medieval gowns are not only favorites of women in medieval era but also in Renaissance era too. These are generally long up to the foot length and looks really beautiful giving you a queen like look.

Medieval gowns from Museum Replicas

Vest and Armbands: – The vests and accordingly matching armbands are definitely a medieval outfit worn by women and it looks beautiful.

vests and armbands from Museum Replicas

Peasant dresses:- Such costumes were not only worn by peasants, but also by free class women during the 12th and 13th centuries. This costume is very easy to handle and maintain as well.

Peasent dresses from Museum Replicas

Tunics:- These were not only famous in medieval times, but also in modern times as well. Both men and women now wear this piece which extents up to somewhere in between the hips and the ankles.

tunics from Museum Replicas

Gambesons: – Now next comes Gambesons, medieval clothing for men, which were also worn in the medieval period as an extra piece just like armor. It is a kind of jacket worn by men, which were produced with the help of techniques called quilting.

Gamberson from Museum Replicas

Tabards: – These are short coats which were worn by medieval men during the middle ages when going outdoors. The coat comes either with sleeves or without sleeves and can be worn with or without belts.

tabards from Museum Replicas

Mail Armor: – Some men prefer to dress up like mail armors. The outfit is made with steel rings connected with another like a chain and looks good.

Mail armor from Museum Replicas

Medieval Shirts: – The medieval shirts include long outfits and these were the simplest to wear by both men and women. They may be swordsman shirts or pirate look shirts. All will look good.

Medieval shirt from Museum Replicas

Medieval accessories for women: – This includes medieval jewelry for women, scarfs of the fabric and a lot of bangles to give a gypsy look.

Medieval women accessories from Museum Replicas

Medieval accessories for men: – These include medieval accessories for men something like long boots, tie scarves/sashes around waist or have a pirate or peasant look.

Medieval men accessories from Museum Replicas

Not only costumes, but carrying appropriate weapons matching with it will give you a medieval look. All these kinds medieval clothing for sale are available on both online as well as offline stores.

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