Gone With The Wind Movie With Nice Costumes

One of the most beloved romantic film from America. It is released in 1939 and got very positive reviews from the viewers.This movie is one the most popular within the public due the controversy which movie got after the release.Gone with the wind begins at Tara,just prior to the civil war.

The characters of the movies are Scarlett, Melanie, Ashley’s, Charles Hamilton.The gwtw costumes which are used in movie is very much famous even today also.This movie is celebrating its 75th anniversarry. Now lets see what all costumes are used in Gone with the Wind Movie.

Barbeque Coat- The first time when Scarlett O’ Hara sees the handsome Rehtt Butler in the movie he was wearing this same Barbeque Coat.


Barbeque Gown- Scarlett wears this gown in movie to attend the joyous Barbeque celebration. This dress is considered as one of the most eye catching gowns from the movie.


Barbeque Ascot- When first time Scarlett sees Rehtt, he was wearing this Barbeque Ascot which completes the suit.


Barbeque Hat- This barbeque hat is made up of tight, woven straw.A deep green cotton valvet hat tie, which has been lined with matching taffeta.


Plantation Coat- The Rehtt wears this iconic coat in one of the sequences in the film the burning of the Atlanta.


Portrait Gown- A portrait of Scarlett hanging in the Rehtt Atlanta mansion in which she was wearing this fantastic blue gown.


Prayer Dress- Worn during the family Bible reading this is the dress that we first see scarlett wearing.This beautiful white gown is made up of 100% cotton and consist of two pieaces bodice and the skirt.


Christmas Gown- Upon Ashley’s return on Christmas scarlett was wearing this amazing gown.This gown is having two pieces one is bodice and another one is the skirt.


Plantation Pants- Rhett Butler wears this iconic pants in one of the sequences in the film.These beautiful ivory colored Plantation slacks are really amazing.

Christmas Cameo- This rich piece of jewelry was worn by Scarlett with Christmas gown at the time of Christmas.This piece is manufactured is an antique gold metal and has resin cameo in its center.


These are the beautiful and amazing hollywood movie merchandise which are used in this great movie.Gone with the wind costumes and movie was a great epic of its time.

These are the beautiful and amazing costumes which are used in this great movie.Gwtw costumes and movie was a epic of its time.

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