Importance of mail chain armor in medieval period

Chainmail armor, also known as chain maille.It is a type of armor made up of small metal rings linked together in a particular pattern.These are used in the medieval period of time and mostly used to protect the body from swords during battle.Its flexibility to expand means that the person who wears chainmail is vulnerable to blunt weapons. One of the earliest use of metal protection was chain mail armor.These are made up of tens of thousands of interlocking rings.

Crusader Mail Armor-These are the medieval armor used by crusading knights and they use to wear full plate armor during the battle.It was not until the 14th and 15th centuries that full plate armor produced.

Crusader Mail Armor
Around the 2nd century B.C romans found that the gauls wore these mail shirts, so they soon adopted it as a common armor and they produced roman chainmail armor.

After the fall of the roman empire and into the dark ages, these roman armor was common all over Europe and even in the far east Japanese produced their own chainmail armor.In Europe these chainmail armors were worn on complete body so that they will not get hurt during the war.

Another type of mail is Japanese mail.Their pattern was common, but more light weighted as compared to European mail. They were more focused toward making a stronger chainmail armor. They made chest portion more heavy where more protection is required and on elbows where more flexibility is required they make it lighter in weight.

Although it’s not good to compare both the European and Japanese chainmail armors as their fighting styles were different.As European armor requires to protect from heavy weapons and Japanese armors needs speed for faster movement.

In today’s time Renaissance festival is celebrated, and in that people use to wear Renaissance armor and even these faux chainmail are also available for sale on many online websites.Collectors are very interested in chainmail armor for sale, they always get their collection updated with antique medieval armors.

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