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Importance of mail chain armor in medieval period

Chainmail armor, also known as chain maille.It is a type of armor made up of small metal rings linked together in a particular pattern.These are used in the medieval period of time and mostly used to protect the body from … Continue reading

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A Look Into Medieval Fashion Trends

Today’s Medieval Fashion Trends are very famous among those people who want to look stylish and with that they want to look like someone from medieval times.People want to adopt a style from modern as well as medieval.These medieval fashion … Continue reading

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Gone With The Wind Movie With Nice Costumes

One of the most beloved romantic film from America. It is released in 1939 and got very positive reviews from the viewers.This movie is one the most popular within the public due the controversy which movie got after the release.Gone … Continue reading

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10 Medieval Costumes That Will Blow Your Mind

Medieval costumes are the most simplest costumes to wear and till now in this modern period also they are in use extensively. Today in this modern period, we celebrate the world of ancient times with all that craziness and everything … Continue reading

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8 Must Know Facts on Medieval Times

The medieval period was based on full secrets and facts and so here I will be sharing some most unknown facts related to medieval times. Medieval Knights  Knights used to do the fighting while riding on large horses. These horses … Continue reading

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Medieval Times Clothing for Men and Women

The medieval culture of the people was highly dominating, dynamic yet simple and traditional. People lived in an undemanding manner and they were divided in a pyramid of power which was known as the feudal system. The medieval society was … Continue reading

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